Operación Esperanza

Operación Esperanza

Operación Esperanza is the miraculous true story of four children, who survived a plane crash deep in the Colombian Amazon and spent 40 days alone before finally being found by 4 indigenous men and a magical turtle.  Lesly, aged just 13, used all her indigenous knowledge of the forest- finding food and water and building shelters from leaves- to keep her younger brother and sisters alive while 200 men from the Special Forces and Indigenous Guard searched for them, in a race against time. 

Toughest Forces on Earth

Toughest Forces on Earth

Three former Special Operations soldiers travel the world on a mission: to go deep inside the most elite and secretive military units on the planet. US Army Ranger Cameron Fath, British Special Forces operator Dean Stott and US Navy Seal Ryan Bates, have all seen combat and served their countries with distinction but now they have a new challenge – finding out what it takes to operate at the highest level alongside 8 different elite forces across the world in very different environments.

Court Martial: Soldiers Behind Bars

Court Martial

The series explore life for soldiers who find themselves detained and the Military Provost Staff who are there to guard them. We discover the meaning of military discipline: how the military treats and rehabilitates detainees who are trained to fight and be aggressive, how they are punished and remoulded in the military’s image to re-join their units as reformed and reinvigorated characters, or, for those being dismissed from the military, how they are rehabilitated ready for the civilian world.

First Ladies Of Hip Hop

First Ladies of Hip Hop Title

From Hip-Hop’s birth 50 years ago, there have always been outstanding female Hip-Hop talents – but their story has been side-lined and written out of Hip Hop history. From Roxanne Shanté to Lauryn Hill, Eve and beyond, this series, narrated by Neneh Cherry, sets the record straight.  

Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons Season 7

Inside the World's Toughest Prisons Season 7

Join presenter Raphael Rowe for four-brand new episodes in Bali Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Finland and the Solomon Islands, as he continues to provide his unrivalled expertise and unique insight into the globe’s most notorious penitentiaries to look at how different countries approach the challenge of imprisoning and rehabilitating serious criminals.

Rich Holiday Poor Holiday Seasons 3 and 4

Rich Holiday Poor Holiday

Two families or groups of friends from the richest and poorest 10% of Britain are swapping holidays. From freezing cold motorhomes to luxury hotels in Dubai, our families find time to reflect on their lives and relationships. Will it be the holiday of a lifetime or an experience to forget?

Rich House Poor House Season 8 and 9

Rich House Poor House Season 8 & 9

BroadcasterChannel 5 Length8 x 60 Year2023 DistributorHat Trick International Another 8 fantastic top rating shows as two families from the top and bottom 10%  swap homes, lives and budgets for a week to find out how the other half lives. At the end of the swap will each family discover they have more in common […]

Donal MacIntyre’s Killer Evidence

Donal MacIntyre's Killer Evidence

Killer Evidence tells the stories of how different murders in the UK and USA were solved by exploring key pieces of evidence found at the scene of the crime that were crucial to cracking the case.