Court Martial: Soldiers Behind Bars

Channel 5 UK

3 x 60


Hat Trick International

For serving soldiers convicted of civilian or military crimes, from GBH to sexual assault and theft to desertion, there is a unique detention facility: the Military Corrective Training Centre. This notorious establishment of back-to-basics discipline puts deadly weapons and live ammunition into the hands of its inmates, where bad behaviour can break futures and punishing training pushes detainees to the limit. 

With exclusive access for the first time in 30 years, this revealing series takes us from arrests with the Royal Military Police to behind the walls and razor wire of Colchester’s MCTC, formerly known as the Glasshouse.

The series explore life for soldiers who find themselves detained and the Military Provost Staff who are there to guard them. We discover the meaning of military discipline: how the military treats and rehabilitates detainees who are trained to fight and be aggressive, how they are punished and remoulded in the military’s image to re-join their units as reformed and reinvigorated characters, or, for those being dismissed from the military, how they are rehabilitated ready for the civilian world.

Court Martial

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