Toughest Forces on Earth


8 x 40


Three former Special Operations soldiers travel the world on a mission: to go deep inside the most elite and secretive military units on the planet. US Army Ranger Cameron Fath, British Special Forces operator Dean Stott and US Navy Seal Ryan Bates, have all seen combat and served their countries with distinction but now they have a new challenge – finding out what it takes to operate at the highest level alongside 8 different elite forces across the world in very different environments.

Each episode sees Cameron, Dean & Ryan live and train with each unit, learning how they operate in often extreme environments: from learning to survive in the arctic, attacking a terrorist camp in the desert, rescuing hostages in the swamps, and taking back a ship from pirates. Our hosts get to grips with the forces’ weapons, kit and tactics as well as very different rules of the game before carrying out a final military mission alongside their new brothers in arms.


Jordanian Special Forces
Colombia’s elite Jungla Commando police unit
Swedish Parachute Rangers
Malaysian Army Special Forces
Mexico’s Special Forces
Philippines Navy Seals
Austria’s “Jagdkommando” unit
US Navy’s EOD bomb disposal unit

Toughest Forces on Earth

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