Donal MacIntyre’s Killer Evidence

CBS Reality

10 x 60′



Killer Evidence tells the stories of how different murders in the UK and USA were solved by exploring key pieces of evidence found at the scene of the crime that were crucial to cracking the case.

Each episode features a new murder, where each murderous mistake, scientific breakthrough and clue is forensically analysed as the investigations into terrible crimes are told.

Key people involved in solving each case, from police detectives to forensic scientists and analysis from criminologists and crime experts, take us through each case and reveal the killer evidence that put a murderer behind bars.

Using reconstructed crime scenes, each piece of evidence is examined to reveal how police uncovered another piece of the murderous jigsaw and ultimately solved the case.

From familicide to random killings, serial killers to hitmen this series explores a range of cases across Britain and America and the evidence that led to the murderers’ demise and a lifetime behind bars.

Donal MacIntyre's Killer Evidence

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