Diversity Policy

Emporium values the differences that a diverse workforce brings to the organization, and is fully committed to the elimination of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

Emporium will not discriminate because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. It will not discriminate because of any other irrelevant factor and will continue to build a culture that values meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency.


All employees are responsible for the promotion and advancement of this policy. Behaviour, actions or words that transgress the policy will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in line with the organisation’s disciplinary policy.

The policy is applicable to all employees, production staff, clients, communities, suppliers and contractors, whether permanent or temporary. The policy applies to all processes relating to employment and training and to any dealings with customers and clients. Decisions relating to customers and communities will be based on business-related criteria only and any irrelevant information will not form part of the process.

The policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in the law, demographics and internal business requirements. Progress relating to the policy will be recorded annually and a full report will be presented to the senior management team to debate progress and review the policy status.

Diversity at Emporium

The publication of a diversity policy enables the organisation to send out a strong message of commitment, both internally and externally. Although the diversity policy is a fundamental part of the organisation’s diversity strategy, it will be brought to life only if it is reinforced by a focused and structured strategic diversity plan. In order to do this Emporium is committed to the following processes.

 Diversity Plan

Emporium will:

  • Respond to the Broadcasters Diversity guidelines with our own commitment to ensuring Diversity is at the core of what we do;
  • Commit to the CDN pledge;
  • Always pay at least the London Living Wage for entry level positions.
  • identify senior level champions for leading the diversity strategy;
  • Endeavour to help and support inexperienced freelancers and staff gain more experience through taking on more senior roles.

Training and education

Emporium will:

  • Regularly review training needs relating to the understanding and management of diversity;
  • Integrate diversity into all aspects of the production lifecycle;
  • Establish training programmes for all staff
  • Integrate diversity competencies into assessment and selection processes.

 Communication and consultation

Emporium will:

  • Establish key lines of communication across the business to ensure full understanding of our Diversity Pledge and ongoing requirements.
  • Regularly review the broadcaster guidelines and ensure these are clearly communicated to all working on Emporium Productions
  • Ensure that mainstream business communications reinforce the inclusive messages and become mainstreamed into day-to-day processes.


Emporium will:

  • Identify and appoint key diversity champions to report progress to the Senior Management team;
  • Ensure resources are available to undertake regular training and development in diversity awareness and behaviours.


Emporium will:

  • Work to establish a way to capture all available workforce metrics from existing databases to benchmark against broadcaster guidelines for at least 20% of the workforce to be diverse and best practice.
  • Establish a best practice process to measure diversity that will work in conjunction with Project Diamond, ensuring our diversity targets are matching those required by the broadcasters.

 External profile

Emporium will:

  • Take part in external groups in order to network, exchange best practice and generally raise the organisation’s profile;
  • Ensure our shows reflect our diversity commitment onscreen as well as behind the scenes.

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