About Emporium Productions

Emporium Productions is an award-winning TV production company, specialising in original and popular factual programming, with an unrivalled ability to access people and institutions.

Making hit programmes for global streaming platforms and all the leading broadcasters in the UK, our cutting-edge factual programmes entice and engage audiences globally. 

What we're about

Access-led Programmes

We bring unrivalled access to some of the world’s hardest to reach institutions and individuals to our screens. From prisons to armed forces, exclusive societies and leading music stars, we reveal the stories behind closed doors.

Integrity & Trust

Integrity & trust permeates everything we do at Emporium. From immersing our crews in Freemason Lodges to working closely with families, we believe in collaboration and always keep our word.  

High Production Values and Ratings

All our programmes are produced to the highest standards both editorially and technically. 

Our programmes achieve top ratings and return commissions both here in the UK and around the world.

Original Ideas and Fresh Perspectives

We are deeply curious about the world.

 Our programmes engage audiences worldwide with a fresh perspective on the way we live now with engaging formats and amazing contributors.

Meet our team