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Terror On Everest: Surviving the Nepal Earthquake

On Saturday 25th April 2015 a devastating earthquake, magnitude 7.8 devastated Nepal killing more than eight thousand six hundred people, leaving over a million people homeless and causing catastrophic destruction of religious and historic monuments. The quake caused a massive ice avalanche on Everest which killed a further 19 at Base Camp and left dozens more stranded in one of the world’s most inhospitable places.

Using exclusive interviews and unique footage from the moments of the quake and avalanche – much of it shot by the survivors themselves- we hear the terrifying story from the people who lived through it. We reveal the unfolding science behind the disaster and look at how such colossal damage and loss of life can be avoided in the future.

1 x 60 for the Smithsonian Channel.
First broadcast 8th June at 9pm
Also broadcast on Channel 4, 18th August 2015 at 9pm
Executive Producer: Emma Read
Series Producer: Chris Parkin

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