Inside The Murder Prison

Channel 5

1 x 60′


Hat Trick International

Crime journalist, Paul Connolly heads to Honduras, the murder capital of the world, to spend a week living as a prisoner, inside Danli Prison, where the inmates- many of them murderers, rapists and drug traffickers- run the prison and the guards stay out of their way.

With only 15 guards on duty at a time and no surveillance systems, the authorities have handed over control- and the keys- of the prison interior to the inmates. During his time inside Paul is strip searched by inmates and made to scrub out the toilets and fetch water by jailhouse godfather Nery, the murderer who rules over the convicts in the maze of cramped, overcrowded cells. Paul is forced to learn the rules of survival fast as he shares a cell with drug traffickers, murderers and rapists. Using previously unseen footage and interviews with inmates and police this documentary reveals the terrifying world of prison life in this poverty stricken nation.

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