WW2 Treasure Hunters S2

History Channel

6 x 60′



360 Distribution

They’re back! Suggs and WW2 expert Stephen Taylor are back unearthing our hidden WW2 past.

From planes to ammunition, artefacts of all shapes and sizes carry the story of the war here on the home front and hold the key to the forgotten histories of the men and women who risked their lives to save Britain.

This time they’re digging up a rare Defiant plane in Lincolnshire, solving the mystery of a crashed Fairy Battle plane in France and discovering a rare secret control bunker on the site of a former Pathfinders base.

The duo meet survivors and experts to understand the events which took place in each location. Using state-of-the-art technology, original WW2 archive and maps to identify forgotten sites including former military bases, airfields, and POW camps, this eight-part series brings a fresh perspective on the Second World War and the people who fought it.

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