Kathy Hale

Kathy Hale - Director of Production

Director of Production

Kathy joined Emporium in 2020 as Head of Production. Since joining she has overseen shows such as Rich House Poor House, Britain’s Favourite Novel, and Secrets of Your Supermarket Food.

Kathy started her career at feature film production company Cowboy Films before moving into the world of entertainment and working with the likes of Harry Hill and Frank Skinner. At Oxford Film and Television, she moved into documentaries, working closely with Patrick Forbes on numerous films including BAFTA Award winning series ‘The National Trust’ (BBC).

Kathy production managed the successful feature doc ‘Unknown White Male’ (C4) before joining Parthenon Entertainment where she stayed as Head of Production for over 11 years. Parthenon was acquired by Sky in 2012 and rebranded as Sky Vision Productions. During her long tenure at Sky Vision, Kathy was both Head of Production and Executive Producer and delivered hundreds of hours of high-quality factual programming to broadcasters around the world. A career highlight of her time at Sky Vision was the successful delivery of critically acclaimed series ‘I am a Killer’ to Netflix.

Following the closure of Sky Vision Productions in 2017 Kathy joined Mallinson Sadler Productions as Head of Production overseeing the successful delivery of 25 episodes of Drain the Oceans to National Geographic Channel.

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