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Donal MacIntryre’s Released To Kill

1 in 5 murders in the UK are committed by an ex prisoner. Why did they kill and could they have been stopped?

From violent offenders originally sentenced for assault to cold-blooded killers who served life sentences, this chilling series reveals how criminals, once released from prison, went on to kill innocent people, some in a matter of days.

There has been a staggering 63% increase in the number of homicides committed by ex-inmates in the last 5 years.  Why these tragedies happened is different in every case. Some criminals are psychopaths: their murderous intentions festering for years inside prison, unsuspected by those around them. For others, lack of rehabilitation while in prison, shorter sentences and ineffective supervision outside prison contributed to the terrible murders they committed. 

Presented by renowned journalist and criminologist, Donal MacIntyre,RELEASED TO KILL explores the stories of ex con murderers and the reasons behind their terrible acts and asks, could anything have been done to stop them?

Focusing on 10 intriguing recent cases, each new episode sees Donal explore a different murder perpetrated by an ex prisoner in the UK. Revealing their murderous actions, which sometimes occurred just days after their release from prison, Donal exposes the details of their shocking crimes and tries, with the help of a panel of experts including forensic psychiatrists, a former prison governor and a retired probation officer, to answer the ultimate question– could this murder have been prevented?

The stories are told with the help of original police and news archive, specially shot dramatic reconstruction alongside interviews with those connected to the case : detectives, lawyers, ex inmates and victim support charities, witnesses and family, friends of the victim and murderer. These interviews help feed Donal’s investigation. Did they suspect the murderers were capable of committing their heinous crimes? 

Donal looks at how our killer came to be released, often years before fulfilling their full sentence and what the terms of their parole were. Reviewing all the evidence, Donal and our expert panel examine how much of a threat they believe our killer posed to society on the day they embraced freedom and what red flags were missed which allowed their murderous impulses to come to fruition as they ask the ultimate question: could a life have been saved?

10×60′ CBS Reality

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