Donal MacIntyre’s Released To Kill

CBS Reality

10 x 60′



1 in 5 murders in the UK are committed by an ex prisoner and there has been a staggering 63% increase in the number of homicides committed by ex-inmates in the last 5 years. Why did they kill and could they have been stopped?

From violent offenders originally sentenced for assault to cold-blooded killers who served life sentences, this chilling series reveals how criminals, once released from prison, went on to kill innocent people, some in a matter of days.

Presented by renowned journalist and criminologist, DONAL MACINTYRE: RELEASED TO KILL explores the stories of ex prisoner murderers and the reasons behind their terrible acts and asks, could anything have been done to stop them?

Reviewing the evidence, Donal and our expert panel examine how much of a threat they believe our killer posed to society on the day they embraced freedom and what red flags were missed which allowed their murderous impulses to come to fruition as they ask the ultimate question: could a life have been saved?

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