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Prue’s Great Garden Plot

Join Prue Leith at home as she embarks on an ambitious journey to create a brand new secret garden over a horticultural year.

Prue Leith has always had an emotional connection with her beloved garden. She’s lovingly tended it over 50 years and seen the garden change and evolve as her family have grown from children to adulthood and it contains many precious memories. Now, Prue and husband John are moving to a newly converted medieval barn they’ve designed together and have taken on the challenge of creating a brand new garden together. But, there’s one BIG problem for passionate gardener Prue. Their glorious new home is surrounded by rubbish, rubble, rusting buildings and overgrown vegetation.

A glorious garden filled with life and colour is for Prue just as important, if not more so, than the house itself and she’s determined to transform her new garden from building site to picture perfect in less than a year.

With exclusive access to their home and garden, we join Prue over the first year in their new home as she seeks inspiration from the UK’s best gardens and gardeners, then designs, digs and plants the garden of their dreams. One that will have space for her much loved statues, herbaceous borders, colourful containers and pots, fruit and veg, trees and shrubs, and of course be a welcome retreat to create new memories in with her family.

As we follow the ups and downs as Prue transforms her new garden over the seasons, the series offers viewers at home aspirational but accessible takeout of how to create a magnificent but manageable garden in just a few months. Even the exceptionally green-fingered Prue, now in her 80s, admits having a ‘doable, minimal maintenance’ garden is a must and surely the majority of the British public would agree with her!

With spades and seeds at the ready, this is
Prue’s Great Garden Plot!

4x1hr Channel 4 & More4

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