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Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons

Welcome to life inside the toughest prisons on Earth where drug dealers, cartel killers, murderers and rapists are banged up.

Crime journalist Paul Connolly goes behind bars to live as a prisoner in some of the world’s most notorious and toughest prisons.

Across the series he travels to Poland, The Philippines, Honduras and Mexico, to experience first-hand the harsh conditions, overcrowding & mind numbing discipline of these jails. While inside Paul meets prison gang members who rule the roost, talks with murderers and learns how in some jails drugs and violence are a way of life.  He also discovers what it’s like to be a guard and the measures they have to take to keep the prisoners in line and inside.

In Mexico Paul shares a prison dormitory with 37 inmates, whose crimes include kidnapping and drug trafficking. In the Philippines he beds down in a cramped four man cell with a suspected murderer, a suspected drug dealer and a convicted rapist and head of the Sputnik jail gang. In Poland he experiences the traumatic effect of total isolation and meets one of Poland’s most notorious murderers and former organised crime boss. In Honduras he is put to work cleaning and cooking for the inmates and discovers how a prison operates when it is controlled by a murderer.

4 x 60 Documentary Series

Channel 5

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