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David Emerson, Executive Producer

David Emerson has a successful track record in producing and developing popular prime-time series for all the major broadcasters as both a series and executive producer.

In the ten years before joining Emporium David served as Head of Features for both Betty and Mentorn, responsible for programs including The Food Inspectors (BBC One), Rip Off Food (BBC2), and The Autistic Gardener and Country House Rescue (Channel 4).

Other credits include the development of the formats Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners for Channel 4 and Too Ugly for Love for Discovery. David began his career with a seven year stint as a Director with Talkback Thames and went on to Series Produce How Clean is Your House and Property Ladder.

David relishes setting the visual style and editorial content for new shows, and is an expert in running a budget and compliance. Decisive in the edit, and talented at writing with economy and humour- David Emerson is a valuable asset to the Emporium team.

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